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Maison du Mec strikes at Arabs fashion week Dubai

or the first time, Joseph Achajian presents the Maison du Mec Fall-Winter 2022-2023 brand, at the Arab Fashion Week, in Dubai, which took place on Sunday, January 30, and witnessed a huge turnout of people, and many positive reactions.

Joseph Achajian, Creative Director and founder of the Lebanese menswear brand Maison du Mec, founded in 2018. He has Armenian roots, Lebanese heritage, and international experience. Achajian did not major in fashion at university, but vouched for it while working.
He comes from a legacy of tailors, corsetters, and factory owners, a family business dating back to the 1920s, a legacy he is very proud of.

In our conversation with Joe, he said, “The idea for Maison du Mec started 4-5 years ago, with the aim of starting an affordable fashion brand. We started making simple clothes, using local tailors in small workshops all over Lebanon. Every man wants to wear the best he can, and with the brands that aim to make profits and care about labels, we have been able to make customers pay attention to details and fabrics instead, and we have earned their trust and loyalty to our work.
A vibrant and flawless collection, here are the highlights of Maison du Mec Fall/Winter 2022-2023 looks from Dubai Fashion Week:

By Modern Arabesque.

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